Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flower Power

Ok, so I saw this guy wearing this shirt and couldn’t help but take a picture of it. Not that I am judging him, but this is seriously taking effeminate a bit too far. First prize for ballzy style to Mr.Pink Flowers for his innocent shirt.




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smoking – the beauty

You know the beauty of smoking is that it can make everything seem better. There is something amazing about it. whether it is a post eating cigarette or one that you smoke in the morning to help nature’s processes, it just makes everything better. You know, when i started writing, it was smoking that helped the creative process along! Now that i’ve been having writers block i’m thinking that it is because I quit but I’m not starting again. I’ll just have to find something that is as beautiful and wonderful as smoking.

It isn’t just that it is the nicotine or the caffeine, the whole process, the smell of smoke, mixed with my perfume and the smell of the air-conditioner making it all come together like some sort of poem. I really enjoyed it, in fact I would not even look at a guy if he didn’t smoke.

angelina-jolie-sharon-stone_p7RKd_22978I guess that it’s a different time now. How are you guys doing? the smokers and the quitters? Are you still attracted to the smell of smoke or like me have you come to be repulsed by it?



Friday, November 19, 2010

Smoking – One month in

As the title says, one month after I started smoking, my family found out. I had managed to hide it from them with chewing gum, mouth fresheners and deodorants. But my uncle, Mr.Sharp Nose, came over for a week or so and caught the smell on the first day. My family claims that they could smell it but didn’t say anything.

I was coming home after spending time out with my “friends” and i had managed to make myself smoke smell free, or so I thought. I entered the house, waved a hi to my uncle and rushed into my room hoping I could have a quick shower but my uncle tailed me into the room. “Do I smell smoke?” SHIT!

So yea, I think it’s a given that I was screwed but on the contrary my family just told me that it was bad for health and let it go, my defence was, “But my elder bother smokes. it must be cool.”


I didn’t listen and soon i started smoking about one pack of 20’s a day. the story of how I quit is really pathetic but I'll get to that later.

It took me about 4 years, give or take a few months, to actually realize the crap that I had done to myself. I was a singer and a wannabe athlete and now I can’t do either because my voice is screwed and so is my lung power. I have gotten my voice back about 40% but my lung power is yet to come back. Amazingly I was able to workout for two and a half hours straight without rest while i was puffing away but after I stopped I couldn’t workout at all. Everyone, including my doc, calls it withdrawal symptoms. I have no idea. I now get exhausted if I workout even for 45 minutes and no one can tell me why. One and a half years later it still can’t be withdrawal symptoms but when I figure it out i’ll tell you what it is.



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smoking - Trapped

Everyone has an interesting story about how they got introduced to smoking and so do I. Mine might not be as interesting as others but it’s still a story.

Once upon a time, long long ago, so long ago that I can’t even remember the exact date, I was a innocent , naive girl who would easily fall for anything. I was one of those people who would do a dare, any challenging dare, that was given to them just to prove themselves.

I had already smoked a cigarette, inhaled and coughed my lungs out is more like it, for a dare so I can’t say that i felt any qualms about it. But when I started attempting to get into the modelling field, I noticed girls all day smoking and not eating anything at all. Me, and a few other girls, who didn’t smoke and ate were definitely much fatter than these girls who smoked a lot and that the first time I noticed anything different about smokers. I’m not saying that smokers are thin, I know a lot of people who are huge and smoke two 20s packs a day. Read with patience.

models smoking

So exhausted about feeling fat me and a couple of other girls enquired around and asked how a few of the girls, even though they were not working out at all, remained skinny. this is the answer I got from everyone, smoking makes you thin.

I had just gotten out of school and short of films I hadn’t seen anyone else smoking except these girls and a few guys on the street. So naturally, I assumed that this was true. Yes, I really was that innocent (I know stupid is the right word but I am sticking with innocent). So I wanted to get thin the easy way. That is how it started.  

I started with just one cigarette and couldn’t stand it. I gave it up. I never wanted to smoke again and I was going to stick to that if I hadn’t had a minor little mishap.

I fell down and sprained my ankle, technically a little hairline fracture on my right foot. Ending up lying in bed for a month (I have zero pain tolerance and am a drama queen) I couldn’t do my usual running and walking that I was doing to remain slim. So I gained a lot of weight. Lying in bed, feeling sorry for yourself and watching romantic movies where the phone is just one feet away and pizza hut home deliveries can make you fat.

When I started getting out again, I found that most of the girls who weren't smoking before had started now and were actually looking thinner. So I gave in and started smoking.

The result…. I got thinner. Not because it makes you thin but because it murdered my appetite. I ended up thin and flabby and not at all pleasant looking. But I’ll talk about that in my next post.



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smoking – An Introduction

Smoking – Is it cool or is it for fools. Well this is different from what I usually write about. But I thought that I might use my experience to talk about what it is and what it means. Also, it is a nice rebirth to my blog which was just not to my liking.


So, Smoking, according to the Wikipedia, is a practice in which a substance, most commonly Tobacco or Cannabis is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is primarily practised as a route of administration for recreational drug use. Combustion releases active substances such as Nicotine and allows them to be absorbed to the lungs. It is also done as part of rituals to induce trances and “spiritual enlightenment.”

Sounds simple doesn’t it. But I don’t think this description is good enough to actually explain the beauty and the horror of smoking.

Being an ex smoker myself, I have to say that I still have a soft corner for smoking and I find it incredibly sexy. In fact I loved it so much that being apart from it is so heart breaking that whenever i write about a character or in every story that I write, the main character, whichever is close to my heart, is a smoker. I mean, just look at the image above, granted, Angelina Jolie and make sitting on the toilet with diarrhoea look sexy but still. It is pretty sexy, smoking.

I am sure that if you are a smoker, you would agree with me and if not you will be cursing me right now. But this is a continuous blog post that I am going to do so please don’t be so quick to judge.

I am going to talk here, about how I got into smoking, how it affected my life and how it affected others’ life. And finally, how I managed to quit. But before I get to the quitting part I have to write my ode to this disgusting habit. Which is why this long drawn process.

But what I hope you will do is I hope I can convince you to quit smoking. For those who haven’t started smoking yet but want to,  I hope to convince you never to smoke. And for those who are already thinking about quitting smoking, I hope to hold your hand through it and offer you tips as someone who has gone through the difficulty and trouble of quitting.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My new diet/workout schedule

So I was recently asked to lose a little weight quickly and i was at a complete loss about what i should do because i avoid most things. I was also worried because most of these so called diet foods do not really work for me (or anyone else). After thinking about it and with a lot of input from my best friend who’s a doctor, i came up with this new diet.

It is one week of a fruit/vegetable diet and then after that my regular healthy foods diet.

For the first week it is supposed to be fruits for the first day, everything except bananas. I indulged in half a musk melon, which would total to about 30 calories (60 for a whole musk melon). Two oranges - (100 gms is supposed to be 40 cals) I guess I must have had about 300 gms which would be about 120 calories. Two apples which is about (45 cals * 2) 90 calories.

I have about two avocadoes with low fat yogurt and salt. this recipe will be coming out in my cookbook which will be out next year. then i had a glass of soy milk followed by two guavas which should be about 48 calories. the point is to basically have as many fruits and vegetables as possible without loading up on the calories. And as you can see the calories are not exactly much. The calorie values have been taken from google.

I followed this for two days and from the third day onwards i included one portion of rice in my meals. I usually had this in the afternoon because this way I would have managed to burn the calories by night.

Adding the rice for the rest of the week. the next weeks diet will be posted in a couple of days. Please make sure to add some protein to your diet. like 6 almonda a day in the morning. or walnuts.