Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smoking – the beauty

You know the beauty of smoking is that it can make everything seem better. There is something amazing about it. whether it is a post eating cigarette or one that you smoke in the morning to help nature’s processes, it just makes everything better. You know, when i started writing, it was smoking that helped the creative process along! Now that i’ve been having writers block i’m thinking that it is because I quit but I’m not starting again. I’ll just have to find something that is as beautiful and wonderful as smoking.

It isn’t just that it is the nicotine or the caffeine, the whole process, the smell of smoke, mixed with my perfume and the smell of the air-conditioner making it all come together like some sort of poem. I really enjoyed it, in fact I would not even look at a guy if he didn’t smoke.

angelina-jolie-sharon-stone_p7RKd_22978I guess that it’s a different time now. How are you guys doing? the smokers and the quitters? Are you still attracted to the smell of smoke or like me have you come to be repulsed by it?




jadaandjon said...

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Maverick said...

Well, smoking is kind of a habit where people find their own joy in doing it, but I guess there will be a time where you have to stop it for various different reasons. Stopping it can be the best thing that can happen, but that is the difficult part. But once stopped, I don't think anybody will get back to it again, unless they are retarded to do it.

Enigmaticfille said...

So are you stopping yet?

Misha'al Hamza said...

Looks like what you have said in your post above, u shud close your eyes now and i'm not a smoker and infact have tried only once and never felt anything special!! Why killing yourself, Smoking is kind of a Prestige Issue for many people and i've seen many doing that just for the sake of showing off!! I'm one of those who strongly opposed my Dad who was a chain smoker and i'm proud of myself in taking the initiative in stopping that bad habit in him!! In short, I am totally against SMOKING!! I'm sorry to tell this but this is the truth which i cant hide inside me!!

Enigmaticfille said...

lol, no harm in saying that. As I am now, but there will always be a soft corner and kudos to making your dad stop.

madcap said...

well, smoking isnt just about all smoke and no fire (pun unintended)...its a general prerogative not many enjoy. after a decade of smoke-filled-lungs (thats right, 10 years!!) i have come to the point where a cig finds itself lit more out of habit than stress relief.

but then, what starts our "fashionably" that stems from an urge to look "cool", can remain that ways...experimenting with diff brands (davidoff classic , dunhill black....R&J cigars...hand-rolled cigs with a pinch of salt if u like) can be fun...reading the pack to find whats killing you is quite educating too (i'd rather not the cereal box while munching cornflakes)...ZIPPO tricks!! (u own a zippo, u get branded as a smoker...sigh!)

so in the end, its just left to individualistic either smoke, or get run over by a speeding truck...loads of ways to get is the case, we already have a burdgeoning list of Racist topics, what with religion, caste, complexion, lingo etc. etc...why add smoking to it ?!

well, thats my 2 cents

Enigmaticfille said...

Well my friends still brand me a smoker because I reuse to give up my zippo.... i gave the other one away but not my first and smoking - atleast the first half of it is fun... till the sickness of course.

NITIN said...

I hate the smell of smoke