Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My new diet/workout schedule

So I was recently asked to lose a little weight quickly and i was at a complete loss about what i should do because i avoid most things. I was also worried because most of these so called diet foods do not really work for me (or anyone else). After thinking about it and with a lot of input from my best friend who’s a doctor, i came up with this new diet.

It is one week of a fruit/vegetable diet and then after that my regular healthy foods diet.

For the first week it is supposed to be fruits for the first day, everything except bananas. I indulged in half a musk melon, which would total to about 30 calories (60 for a whole musk melon). Two oranges - (100 gms is supposed to be 40 cals) I guess I must have had about 300 gms which would be about 120 calories. Two apples which is about (45 cals * 2) 90 calories.

I have about two avocadoes with low fat yogurt and salt. this recipe will be coming out in my cookbook which will be out next year. then i had a glass of soy milk followed by two guavas which should be about 48 calories. the point is to basically have as many fruits and vegetables as possible without loading up on the calories. And as you can see the calories are not exactly much. The calorie values have been taken from google.

I followed this for two days and from the third day onwards i included one portion of rice in my meals. I usually had this in the afternoon because this way I would have managed to burn the calories by night.

Adding the rice for the rest of the week. the next weeks diet will be posted in a couple of days. Please make sure to add some protein to your diet. like 6 almonda a day in the morning. or walnuts.




rammeetsasmita said...

This is my first time to visit your blog and frankly speaking I do like it. I like theme of your blog.
Keep posting.

Enigmaticfille said...


notmindingmyownbusiness said...

You apparently have no idea how to take care of your speak nutritionally-speaking. Take this from someone (me) who tried to diet his own way and not only failed, but also caused substantial harm to health. I hired a nutritionist and a trainer and several months later I am in the best health of my life.

Do yourself a favor. Consult a decent professional - someone with a proven track record.

Enigmaticfille said...

Ha Ha. You obviously can't read properly because I specifically said that I was doing it for exactly two days. After that I was eating normally.
And I have consulted enough "nutritionists" with "perfect" track records and have ended up in the hospital.
If your body doesn't agree with this diet then that's you, this suited me perfectly.
Thanks for the comment.

notmindingmyownbusiness said...

oh well. we are all going to die anyway. the goal is just to be a pretty looking corpse when the reaper arrives for you.