Friday, November 19, 2010

Smoking – One month in

As the title says, one month after I started smoking, my family found out. I had managed to hide it from them with chewing gum, mouth fresheners and deodorants. But my uncle, Mr.Sharp Nose, came over for a week or so and caught the smell on the first day. My family claims that they could smell it but didn’t say anything.

I was coming home after spending time out with my “friends” and i had managed to make myself smoke smell free, or so I thought. I entered the house, waved a hi to my uncle and rushed into my room hoping I could have a quick shower but my uncle tailed me into the room. “Do I smell smoke?” SHIT!

So yea, I think it’s a given that I was screwed but on the contrary my family just told me that it was bad for health and let it go, my defence was, “But my elder bother smokes. it must be cool.”


I didn’t listen and soon i started smoking about one pack of 20’s a day. the story of how I quit is really pathetic but I'll get to that later.

It took me about 4 years, give or take a few months, to actually realize the crap that I had done to myself. I was a singer and a wannabe athlete and now I can’t do either because my voice is screwed and so is my lung power. I have gotten my voice back about 40% but my lung power is yet to come back. Amazingly I was able to workout for two and a half hours straight without rest while i was puffing away but after I stopped I couldn’t workout at all. Everyone, including my doc, calls it withdrawal symptoms. I have no idea. I now get exhausted if I workout even for 45 minutes and no one can tell me why. One and a half years later it still can’t be withdrawal symptoms but when I figure it out i’ll tell you what it is.




UB said...

My dad was a chain smoker but he gave it up one day. Of course it wasn't easy but then if you have the will power, anything is possible.
All the best :)

Enigmaticfille said...

Thanks, but I've quit almost a year ago.