Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smoking - Trapped

Everyone has an interesting story about how they got introduced to smoking and so do I. Mine might not be as interesting as others but it’s still a story.

Once upon a time, long long ago, so long ago that I can’t even remember the exact date, I was a innocent , naive girl who would easily fall for anything. I was one of those people who would do a dare, any challenging dare, that was given to them just to prove themselves.

I had already smoked a cigarette, inhaled and coughed my lungs out is more like it, for a dare so I can’t say that i felt any qualms about it. But when I started attempting to get into the modelling field, I noticed girls all day smoking and not eating anything at all. Me, and a few other girls, who didn’t smoke and ate were definitely much fatter than these girls who smoked a lot and that the first time I noticed anything different about smokers. I’m not saying that smokers are thin, I know a lot of people who are huge and smoke two 20s packs a day. Read with patience.

models smoking

So exhausted about feeling fat me and a couple of other girls enquired around and asked how a few of the girls, even though they were not working out at all, remained skinny. this is the answer I got from everyone, smoking makes you thin.

I had just gotten out of school and short of films I hadn’t seen anyone else smoking except these girls and a few guys on the street. So naturally, I assumed that this was true. Yes, I really was that innocent (I know stupid is the right word but I am sticking with innocent). So I wanted to get thin the easy way. That is how it started.  

I started with just one cigarette and couldn’t stand it. I gave it up. I never wanted to smoke again and I was going to stick to that if I hadn’t had a minor little mishap.

I fell down and sprained my ankle, technically a little hairline fracture on my right foot. Ending up lying in bed for a month (I have zero pain tolerance and am a drama queen) I couldn’t do my usual running and walking that I was doing to remain slim. So I gained a lot of weight. Lying in bed, feeling sorry for yourself and watching romantic movies where the phone is just one feet away and pizza hut home deliveries can make you fat.

When I started getting out again, I found that most of the girls who weren't smoking before had started now and were actually looking thinner. So I gave in and started smoking.

The result…. I got thinner. Not because it makes you thin but because it murdered my appetite. I ended up thin and flabby and not at all pleasant looking. But I’ll talk about that in my next post.




NITIN said...

Yes smoking makes you loose weight - one lung at a time. I hate smokers especially if they make me passive smoke. Once i was travelling in a bus to Tirumala (temple in Tirupathy). People are not allowed to carry even non-veg. There is a check post where they come inside the bus and check whether anyone is carrying any prohibited items also. When the bus as travelling, i saw a cigarette in the bus driver's hand - gosh he was smoking. i immediately shouted in the bus "Driver don't smoke" of course in Tamil and my Telugu. I would consider smoking is a very big offence and even bigger if u allow others to passive smoke.

Enigmaticfille said...

Glad that you told him to stop, what did the others say?

madcap said...

smoking kills...stress!! :) the joys of twiddling a joint between your fingers...smoke whirling from the top like a liberated spirit...a puff of ecstacy...dense air seeping into your throat as you savor its richness...filling your lungs and clearing your brain...rid of every inch of stress!! aaahhh ;) ;) ;)

JAYESH said...

I am allergic to cigarette smoke.
Can't stand it at all! Even passive smoke. :-(
I get continuous cough, watery eyes and runny nose.
Followed by sore throat.
Thankfully, no one in my family smokes! :-)

8ut I have tried it in school, under peer pressure.
But I developed such an intense reaction, that I couldn't breathe! That means my friends don't smoke in front of me. :-)

But I know how smoking kills....

How many packs did you used to smoke?
How many years?

Hope to get the answers as you blog!

I CONGRATULATE you for managing to quit smoking.
It takes a lot of guts to kick off an addictive habit, but a lot more to maintain abstinence.
I pray to GOD that the only way the word 'smoke' gets associated with you would be as 'smoking hot!' ;-)

Shazoor Mirza said...

Today an older friend of mine was smoking and we were just chatting about different things. He suddenly said that smoking helps in concentration, and we can study well if we smoke.

With more high voice my senior in college as well as a close friend told us about the topper guy of his class that he smokes a lot and he gets good marks too. So they all concluded that smoking really helps in studying and concentration.

Then at last I said that the topper of my class is the topper of whole college. BUT HE DOES NOT SMOKE. And everyone knew this. So nobody had the answer or even a word to support what they said just a moments ago.

This incident is similar to what you did. FOOLISHNESS.

Smoke in, smoke out, uff-uff.. fuuuooo.... makes us feel good. Hahahaha... its the only things that was not expected for us. But we can do whatever we like.

But the question is, can we quit it if we want to???

Enigmaticfille said...

I am sure we can quit. If we really want to.
@madcap I remember the feeling. lol.
@jay & shaz But even though you realize it is foolish and bad it is hard to quit for some. as it was.