Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee lover!

As you probably already know, I am a mad MAD coffee lover. A sip of coffee can make any day, however awful it is, better. But it has to be good coffee.

So I was out the other day at Kalmane Koffees whis is at Ampa Skywalk and somewhere in Bangalore as well and I found that you could buy coffee from there. So I picked up 250 grams at 90/-. I’m having my second cup and writing about it today.

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So the coffee has Chicory, about 20%. My grandma used to make a wonderful filter coffee with equal amounts of coffee and plantation. It was pure bliss, and while this isn’t half as close to that in taste. It sure makes you feel happy. So what does coffee contain? Caffeine – Filter coffee has the highest caffeine content while instant has the lowest (not including decaffeinated).

(Chicory – You might experience milk skin irritation in which case, contact your doctor. Also avoid this herb if you have heart problems as this may act up on the heart)

And what is caffeine -  Caffeine is one of the world's most widely used drugs. Some people believe that it’s use might date back to the stone age. It caffeine is one of a group of stimulants called methylxanthine that is found naturally in plants. It is supposed to be bad for you but I honestly don’t care.


I’ve tried a lot of coffees. Ones from coffee day (they are a little too sharp for my taste) the ones from Krishna sweets (A pathetic excuse) ones from coimbatore native stores (nothing like it) and then this coffee.

Taste – 7/10

Aroma – 9/10

Price 7/10

the price value is less because  the coffee that I got from coimbatore is much better and is definitely cheaper. And the taste is good but not as god as that either. I think I should review the other two as well.

Coffee Day: Taste – 6/10 (I got the purple and blue packs, didn’t try the green one. Aroma 10/10 though it doesn’t smell traditional it definitely smells inviting. Price 4/10 really not worth it if you think about it.

Krishna sweets – Taste – 6/10 it’s too weak, almost like a failure sibling, Aroma – 8/10 it’s deceptively aromatic and the price is 60/- for a pack. Considering the taste i would give it 7/10 but if you chuck the taste then it is 9/10, but why would you chuck the taste.


What i like about the Kalmane Koffee is that they grind it in front of you and give it to you which makes it so wonderfully worth it. And not to mention the fact that it smells beautiful. Go to Kalmane and ask them to give you a cup of peaberry. If you like it, as i am sure you would, pick it up and enjoy.





Vee... said...

coffee!!!! :D
one of the best things.

UmaAnandane said...

I stumbled here from Blogadda.Yes,it's true that coffee has a unique flavor and the image is bright enough to convey it.
Happy Blogging!