Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beads ‘n’ Beads

What I've been noticing this past year, wherever I go. Is this. I have seen at least one of these things in every single club or party that I have been to. Since I deleted and revamped my blog a bit to include more than beauty and fashion. I thought, what better way to get back to one of my biggest passions is to start with what has been trending around here. Since I didn’t have the balls to go ask a strange drunk girl in a club to pose for a photo, i asked her instead where she got it and picked one up myself.


Sorry about the grainy picture, this is what happens when you are careless with your phone and get stuck with a pathetic phone camera.

There seem to be only three colours everywhere – Green, silver and this. The silver looked way tacky and the green, lets face it, light greens are not my friend.

It is quite an old trend but everyone still seems to be stuck with it. So I thought, why not join the crowd. Have you been seeing this trend going about? And do you wear it too?



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