Sunday, September 4, 2011

Splash Haul

The splash sale is going on. Well, was going on. And boy did I have fun shopping there.

I got a lot more than I’m posting here. But unfortunately or fortunately, i got excited and wore them and they are currently in the wash. The others are wallets that are either already in use or gifted.

Love this. Absolutely love this and at 50% off down from 800/- it is a steal!  I can just picture how awesome it would look with a purple top and some black high waisted pants. A nice watch, tiny stud earrings and it is such a go to outfit.

I got this in an XL, that is because the didn’t have a Medium. But this looked so lovely anyway that I couldn’t resist. and If i’m right, it was 60% off from  1250/- which makes it a steal. Love the two pockets because hey, i’m a pocket girl. And I’m probably going to be using this in a OOTD soon.

Something that I was dying to get my hands on for quite a long time but i kept resisting. Was so excited to see it still there on the shelves during the sale.  Apart from the whole blue white nautical inspired style it has going on which you all know I love, i love the jandle. How the strap is woven into the metal. And the quilting work done on the entire bag.

My perfect, absolutely gorgeous, overnighter bag. At just 1490/- DAMN! Thats awesome…. because of the finish.  Do you notice the beautiful texture on the pouches while the rest of the bag is just simple. it doesn’t photograph too well . It looks beautiful directly.

Been looking for a boho print like this one. it’s about 1290/- at 30% off. not a bad price. I might not have got it otherwise but since it was on my wishlist, i decided to pick it up. 

Another wishlist item. So glad i found this. It’s still there and i think it is 1099. An awesome price coz this thing, fits beautifully. it’s definitely going into my bad hair day shelf coz it can make me feel awesome no matter what. 

There was also purple and black. purple was one shouldere like the grey one and the black was a tube. it was 909/- after discount, i’m not sure what the price was before that. it was either 10% off or 30% off. either way. i’m glad i got it. 

And finally, a nice LBD. Little blue dress. I’m going to be adding a little nautical shrug to this to make it the perfect navy nautical combo.

I really went all out. apart from this i got some accessories, two more wallets and a top that is in the wash because i wore it immediately after purchasing it. And even though today is the last sale day, these things are awesome and some pieces are still at the store. I’m sure you guys would love to pick them up.

Have fun shopping.



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