Sunday, September 11, 2011

My new tattoo

So i already got one tattoo. Damn thing was done on an impulse and now i’m saving up cash to get the thing removed because I HATE IT!

But i got my second tattoo which will soon be my only tattoo following which it will be my first tattoo because i’m getting another one.

But for those who want to see it, this is the one i got. And i got it done my one Mr. Krish at Irezumi Chennai.

I must say, I got one tattoo done at another place and then got it touched up at the Rock. I wasn’t very happy. But this time, I’m very happy. So happy that I’ve decided to get my next tattoo over at Irezumi.

I hope you guys like this one. I totally love it.




Krish said...

Thanks a lot vasundra for your lovely post and am very glad you like your tattoo :)

Kofykat said...

I love it Krish. Thanks.