Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HAUL! – random collections 06/04/2011

So I wanted to get my hands on some things that I needed, mainly a favourite hair clip that i managed to break (surprise surprise) so i stopped at my local store -  Health and Glow, to purchase it and some other stuff. I ended up spending more than i intended to.

Starting with the H&G generic brand stuff. I was wanting to try out some stuff but I had too many scrubs and creams left behind that i needed to finish. and i didn’t want to try another scrub when i had my favourite with me. But then i decided to give in. I got a scrub for mu.m and a body butter too.

H&G cranberry body scrub from the relift line.



The H&G Satsuma Body Butter, also from the re-life line.



The prices are 109/- and 169/- respectively. it is a pretty good deal and they smell amazing. so far i like them. but i will be posting a review on them soon.

Moving on from that, i did get one of my usual shampoos. this one was for mum since her hair has been getting dried out a bit.

The Alberto Balsam strawberries and cream shampoo.



i think the price was 149/-

The revlon Photoready concealer

I wanted to try this one out and was a bit shocked at the price which is just $8 in the US. It is about 700/- here (around 14$). As you can see, the colour is Medium Deep. I was also pretty disappointed that there were only two colour choices for India.

IMAG1204           IMAG1203


I will be posting a review on this too after a week or so.

The i got the Maybelline Lipsmooth colour and care lip balm in mandarin


The colour is a little orange and suits my skin perfectly. I am a NC42 in MAC. This was about 99/-

The Maybelline Colorama nailpolish in Coral Chic


This colour just might turn out to be one of my favourite colours. I put it on today and though it is really sheer a couple of coats and it was true to the colour in the bottle. lovely.

The Maybelline Whitestay UV palette in Nude


This is for mum. It is her usual one. The reason we like this is because it suits yellow undertones and not just pink ones.

Thats it for the haul.



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