Saturday, January 29, 2011

D.I.Y Bows

Since i have vanished without a trace i thought that i would make up for it by coming up with some DIY tutorials that i do whenever i have scrap cloth lying around. So whenever i shop for those headbands/clips with flowers or bows on them the prices usually shock me into thinking “hmm, it probably cost a fraction of this to make”

so i thought, why the hell not? I’ll make it myself rather than buying it. So here is the end result. I’ve made quite a few of these but this one was my first. :-D



IMAG0198  IMAG0199

I just attached a bobby pin to the back of them. when I find some super cheap metal head bands I’ll just hot glue them together! :-D

I’ll probably be posting a DIY video onto my youtube channel which i will link to here when I do that! :-D

I’ll make another one in a while and make a DIY of it. that is the vid that will be on my youtube page! :-D

hope you guys have been having a good time. Take care!



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