Saturday, October 16, 2010

I’ve almost learnt how to mesh

From the looks of it, it seems like I've learnt how to mesh. Well, I copied off a tutorial from TheSimSupply website or youtube. Don’t remember which. That’s not important though. What is important is that I am really really awesome because all i know about computers is email, social networking sites, google things and play sims 3. Also not to forget, watch inu yasha. So when I found out that i actually achieved it I didn’t believe it and tested it in game more than a few times. But here it is. My first ever non beginner computer thingy for sims 3.
It is only a mesh modification of the existing EA mesh but still, if i can do this more things are to come right? Right. So, here goes.
Screenshot-42  Screenshot-40Screenshot-43
Yes Yes, I know it isn’t very impressive but I'm patting myself on the back nonetheless. You can download this file here or at TSR and my user name on TSR is vasuchiyertra. Please do comment and let me know what you think. TC.
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