Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My blackberry - painted

So for the longest time  was searching for a site in India that sells awesome blackberry panels, i did find one site but since my model is brand new, the 9360, it wasn’t available. So i gave up hope and painted it. Here it is.

I just drew what i wanted with a sketch after painting the case white. Remove the case first of course. Then start painting away(acrylic paints).

After it dries give it a good thick coat of varnish. let it air dry and then put it back on.





Seema said...

Hey Happy Diwali to you and your family.You are soooo creative.It is looking soooo beautiful.

NITIN said...

now u have the best blackberry in town

Pink Scarf said...

you should have done a video :)))

Relax Please said...

a wonderful way to dec-up a dreary blackberry...!!!
am forwarding this to my wifey who carries one such dark-black gizmo!!!
i wud suggest it should get laminated too so that the painting stays there...