Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY – Fix your peeling shoes

So i have these lovely pair of golden wedges from Raw Hide that I didn’t use for a little while. Post the rains i noticed that the faux leather had started peeling. Now I couldn’t get rid of the wedges because i loved them. I asked a few cobblers if they could fix it and when everyone said no I decided to take up things into my hands.

Sadly i forgot to capture a shot of the shoes before i started working on them. In fact i wasn’t planning on doing this blog post till i started working on them so i managed to capture this shot which should give you an idea of what the wedges looked like before. 

Things needed:

  • Fabric paint in the colours you want
  • A clean flat brush
  • Alcohol for cleaning
  • A dusting rag
  • Some waste papers rolled up to hold the sandal’s shape while you paint.
  • A mug of water for washing the brushes
  • Clean nail varnish or varnish if you’re using glitter colours (choose a cheap brand as you will be using a lot)

1. Clean up the shoe by vigorously rubbing the peeling faux leather so that it starts shedding. Once everything falls off clean the shoe off with a dusting rag so that any dust is removed.

2. Clean the surface with alcohol to remove any further dust particles and allow to dry in the sun.

3. Choose the colours that you want. Now take your mail colour, clean your brush and start painting.

4. After covering the main surface with paint allow to dry and work on the second pair. After finishing off the second pair go over the first pair again and correct any mistakes and or give the second coat if needed, I didn’t give it the second coat.

5. After finishing up with the main colour choose the secondary colour. You don’t need a secondary colour, i just thought it would be a good idea rather than a plain sandal. I know the paint looks white but it’s actually silvery.

6. Finish the second colour and set aside to dry. After your sandals are completely dry give the glittery colour a clear coat of nailpolish and your sandals are ready to use.




xyzandme said...

That reminded me of 'binding' my shoe with 21 nails all pointing towards me from below to fix it.

Whatever you did, takes a lot of effort innit?
Acrylic colors are bitchy.
Also you could color the round ring with the anti-rust paint.

All in all awesomely done.

Kofykat said...

Thanks. and thanks for the anti rust idea. I'll try that.