Monday, August 8, 2011

Polo – The mint with the new flavours!

So I was browsing through Marie claire magazine last month and i came across this polo advert showing four new flavours designed by Wendell Rodricks. Now Wendell Rodricks is a designer, so when they say designed the new polo flavours i’m not sure if he actually designed the flavours of if he designed just the wrappers… whichever one it is, i have tasted all four and i am here to give you a review.

Now, to start with, i am not a polo fan. I don;t wat polo often and i only have it probably once in a couple of years if someone offers it to me. But then again i’m not a peppermint person. Which could explain my excitement when i saw the advert. So here are the four new flavours in no particular order

  • cocoa mocha
  • lime mojito
  • peach schnapps
  • watermelon sorbet

Cocoa Mocha:

The flavour is by far the best of all four. I have already finished one pack and am starting on the second one and it is only the third day since i bought it. The flavour of mint is very mild and the flavour of a mocha coffee is much more. It isn’t strong coffee, more like chocolate coffee which is what cocoa mocha is. The cover is very attractive and eyecatching but the thing is when one sees the cover, they imagine a fruity flavour, not chocolate. I personally would have loved a coffee coloured cover. But top marks for flavour. Again, if you see the pic below, you will see that it is white with just flecks of colour, that again breaks my heart because when you think coffee you expect the colour of coffee. It puts me off that it is still white.

Flavour : 5/5

Colour: 1/5

Cover design: 3/5

Lime Mojito:

The colour of this is much stronger than all four and so is the flavour. While is isn;t as pleasant as the cocoa mocha, the flavour is definitely pleasing and zingy. It tastes a little like those Italian lime sorbets that you get so often. Good thing is it isn’t that irritating lime taste that is available everywhere nowadays, cough cough mentos cough. The colour makes it all better. But the packaging sucks…. really sucks. It kills the purpose of new flavours. It looks like a child's strawberry flavoured chocolate, not like a zesty mint.  If Mr. Rodricks did design the cover, then zero points for him. He should stick to clothing.

Flavour: 5/5

Colour: 4/5

Cover design: 0/5

Peach Schnapps:

Peach Schnapps tastes pretty much exactly like Peach Schnapps.  Full marks on getting the flavour right. Sounds like a cocktail, tastes like a cocktail, looks like a mint. There is no mint  flavour whatsoever. But it is a very relaxing flavour. I could literally imagine myself chilling on the beach with a cocktail in my hand. But for the cover again, it looks like a banana flavour, not peachy at all. I was searching the shelves for peach thinking that this was banana and then it struck me that there was actually no banana flavour and thats when i found the damn thing. For the cover design i give it zero.

Flavour: 5/5

Colour: 1/5

Cover design: 0/5

Watermelon Sorbet:

This was an utter disappointment. I have never been a fan of the watermelon flavour to be fair but then again i do love watermelons. I wonder why the artificial flavour tastes like raw watermelons and not like actual watermelon sorbet. I’d advice you not to pick this up unless you love artificial watermelon flavours. But again, why the hell is the watermelon flavour orange in colour? It made me think that there was an orange flavour. Very disappointed with the cover designs.

Flavour: 2/5

Colour: 2/5

Cover design: 0/5

Overall, the flavours are amazing, the covers are utter bullshit but then since you’re going to throw the covers anyway, take pleasure in tearing them and tossing them in the dustbin. That's where they belong. When you hear that a designer, designed the cover of a new candy, you imagine that it would be amazing, not utter crap.

The cocoa mocha and the lime mojito, i hope, are permanent flavours and not limited editions. I love them too much to have them taken away from me. The other two i could stand losing. I do wish that polo had made the mints have actual colour. atleast the cocoa one. I mean wouldn’t you want to pop a dark brown coloured polo into your mouth?




Misha'al Hamza said...

Nice one. I am looking forward to having the Lime and the Cocoa, Might as well try everything and then find out which is OK for my taste bud!!

PS Arjun said...

Very good, very nice to see such different articles!. I never searched for a Chocolate review. :) Felt very interesting with your blog and contents. Nice. Keep it up,

Maddy said...

I found the watermelon sorbet to be the best. I might be biased because I'm a huge fan of anything watermelon. The cocoa mocha is good too but i just cant feel the mint. I feel like Polo has lost its true identity in this one. Peach schnapps is good, but the lime mojito just puts me off.

FashionPhD said...

haha love the post. good idea! I wanna try them now!