Sunday, July 10, 2011

My fragrance wishlist

If you’re someone like me, who loves fragrances, but has the problem of perfumes not lasting longer on you, you will be searching for that one perfume that doesn’t vanish so soon. But thank me because I’ve managed to do some research and found some of the best scents (that I like) that also last really long.

Starting with the ones I want the most.

One Million – Paco Rabanne


This one needs no introduction. This one and it’s ladies counterpart was the best selling parfum last year and i’m sure it will be this year too. A men’s fragrance but one that smells heavenly on both women and men.

Lady Million – Paco Rabanne


The ladies fragrance from the million line. And it is as amazing as the men’s.

The lover – Gap


An amazing fragrance that’s spicy enough but not at all manly. It is a unisex one and lasts long enough but not as long as the million range. Definitely on my wishlist and I really hope to get it soon.

Black xs – women – Paco Rabanne


The perfume is as sexy as the advert for it. A very fruity long lasting fragrance. For men, i’d definitely recommend the homme one but it suits women too. The male version is longer lasing than the female version.

Play – Givenchy


An expensive parfum but a very good one. Not for everyone since it is very sweet but i use it when I’m already in a good mood. It adds to it.

Hypnose/Hypnose senses – Lancome

lancome-hypnose-senses-contest- lhyp_300

I’m not sure which one of these two i love but i do love one of them.

in2u – CK

4.58996253179E 13

After the death of my favourite perfume crave i found this to be really good.

Intense – St Dupont


The name says intense but it isn’t as intense as all that. It is a pleasant fragrance but not very long lasting. it should last about 5 hours on a cool day.




Pythoroshan said...

i have one million -Paco Rabanne and CK- one Summer. Yes, 1 million lasts a bit... but CK- one summer, a very fresh smell, doesnt last more than a couple of hours.

Any opinions on CK- Eternity.

Want to try Paco Rabanne - XS next and Aqua- Bvlgari.

john petter said...

I am happy to find result here in the post, thanks for sharing... Agent Provocateur