Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Shorts Trends

Here is a quick overview of the shorts that are making the rounds this summer.

Starting with my favourite.

The high waisted shorts.

The high waisted shorts have made a comeback and they look super cute. a gift for any woman who has a questionable waistline yet amazing legs.

another rule of thumb – when going for high waisted shorts, the higher the better. Because the higher the waist, the longer and more streamlined your legs will looked. This is because you are giving the illusion of longer legs by starting the waist higher than you normally would. Therefore this is an even better bet for those short women who aren’t just satisfied with short shorts and tall heels.


Mischa Barton seems to love the high waited trend.

The patterned shorts:

Floral patterns are liked by almost everyone, me being an exception to the almost rule. So when you don’t like floral patterns you can always go for other patterns.

©NATIONAL PHOTO GROUP<br />Rihanna stops by Opening Ceremony clothing store.<br />Job: 061410J6<br />EXCLUSIVE June 14th, 2010 Los Angeles, CA<br />NPG.comTake a leaf out of Rihanna’s style book. Although I wouldn’t necessarily go for these shorts I would prefer something more defined and streamlined. But polka dots are always pretty. 

If you are a plump person wearing a slightly longer pair of patterned shorts remember that smaller patterns suit plump people while larger patterns suit petite people.

The formal shorts:

For those who are bold enough to wear a pair of shorts to a place where it required the clothing to be formal then these are the pair for you. Or maybe you just can’t get enough of the shorts trend, Or maybe it’s just THAT hot in India. Whichever your reason, the formal shorts are a lovely thing to own and a trend that isn’t just a trend but a style that is worth investing in.


The Jason Wu shorts (left) are a beautiful sleek pair. For some reason the grey make it more formal but less depressing (like most formal wear) but for my pair of shorts (right) I’d prefer it if it were more still and dark because I like the slimming effect it has on my waist.

The boyfriend inspired shorts:


loose, comfortable and casual. What shorts should really be. For those thinking that men always have had better and more comfortable clothing the new wave of boyfriend / menswear inspired clothing are a must have, i own a few in my cupboard myself. But a menswear inspired pair of shorts are something that is still on my wishlist for the simple reason that I can’t find a good pair anywhere where i live. for those with the body that can rock this trend, go out and pick up a pair.

This is also a good bet for those women who aren’t really used to wearing shorts and are just dipping their toe into the trend to test it. they are more comfortable and less revealing. So even if you find you aren't very comfortable going beyond these, they are still a god way to live the summer.

My favourite shorts trends are listed above. I hope you found this useful and I am sure that you can find these shorts anywhere in your nearby lifestyle / esprit etc.

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