Monday, June 6, 2011

On the top of a lorry

A friend had to do some shifting and I went over to help her out. Once all the luggage was loaded on the truck, we got onto her scooter to find that it wasn’t starting.

After a brief bit of cursing and kicking stones we decided to hitch a ride on the truck. So the chasing began. thankfully the guy wasn’t driving very fast and we managed to catch up with him. because there was no space up front and we being the brats we are, we decided to climb up on top and enjoy the breeze while sitting on some rolled up mattresses.

From the top of a lorry

It took quite a while to reach but this picture was worth the bum-ache.




Misha'al Hamza said...

Nice one Vasu!! A risky shot indeed, lucky that u still have the phone with you, one speed breaker the truck drives thru and ur phone wud have gone!!

sampreeth said...

Guessing it's a late evening shot. Didn't the sun oblige with a brief peek from behind the clouds? :)

Enigmaticfille said...

@misha'al Lol, i managed. holding onto the lorry's railings.

Enigmaticfille said...

@sampreeth this picture was actually taken in december. rather a cloudy day. didn't mention we had to stay till 11 because it started raining. :-D