Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The body shop hemp hand protector

The body shop hemp hand protector is something that I got on a whim. My mum wanted a hand cream for her dry skin and so I got this for her.
She hates it.
So I'm stuck using it.
1. It makes your hands super soft, cuticles included.
2. It isn't too expensive. I got the small size for about 221 INR after my members discount.
3. A little goes a long way as the cream is very thick.
4. It comes in a recyclable metal tube.
5. Both men and women can use it as the smell isn't girly.
1. It stinks. It smells like eggs. Once I put it on I should make sure that I don't bring my hands near my face.
2. The metal tube pushes out too much.
3. For the Indian climate it makes your hands sweaty.
4. The cap is a bit off. Doesn't go on right. It's a bit of a challenge to put it on in one go.
5. It leaves a film on the hands. No fast absorption.
It's worth a try if you are willing to risk people pointing at you and saying "stinky!".
Jokes aside; pick it up if you want a night hand cream for a decent price. A smaller size tube is available so you can try it and see if you like it or not. Just make sure to wear it only at night and have a pair of scented gloves nearby in case the smell is too strong

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posted from Bloggeroid


Vinita Jayant said...

def stinks!

I tried it at the store and i landed up stinking the whole way home


Enigmaticfille said...

Lol, I hate them. Honestly, i can't believe i actually bought it.... eugh!