Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mist in the eve at Thekkady

I spend the better part of 2008 in Thekkady, working. When I was returning to my hotel room one evening because the mist was starting to set in, I was crossing a tiny water body. Asking my driver to stop I started clicking pictures but the moment I clicked two the light started to reduce so I had to pack up and get back. Out of those two pics, this looked good. So I’m posting it for you guys to see.

I am really looking forward to going back to Thekkady atleast to get more snaps.

I hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome.




Reena.V said...

Is this the place from peranmai ! Beautiful ! Where is this actually ?

Enigmaticfille said...

in kerala! And yes, from that movie.

Aditya said...

What a beautiful place. Lucky you!

Misha'al Hamza said...

Awesome place!! Love it!!

Enigmaticfille said...

It was definitely beautiful!

NITIN said...

Thekadi is a good place. I went their and really enjoyed the sceneries. I went boating in d periyaar wild life sanctuary.

Nice photography. Will show u some of my nature pics later