Friday, August 27, 2010

Handbag Hungama

I looked all around the net and I couldn't fins an article to my satisfaction so I decided to do this myself. I've put together a list of things that one must have in their wardrobe. Something to look well put together at all times. Starting with bags.
Women can hardly live with one or two bags nowadays what with get togethers, parties and weekends away. A girl needs a bag for every occasion to go with every outfit. So here is a list of bags that a girl might need. Starting with:
1. An oversize clutch bag:
Doesn't matter if this is in style or not. Styles keep changing and this is a staple. If it isn't in style one season it will be soon enough. I would suggest this in two colours. Black and another colour that is bright and sassy enough to pull together a dreary outfit. that can be the centre of attention.
2. An everyday bag:
This is the bag that is going to be used every day and therefore has to be a colour that is friendly to most outfits. Everyone thinks that black matches with everything but i would say that it is brown, actually chocolate brown. this has to be the bag that holds everything in place right from your keys to your mobile to your makeup and a hidden place for your pads and tampons. i would say that it would be most convenient to make sure that it has two pouches on the outside for you to carry your mobile in one and another for change and small amounts of money so you don't have to dig into your bag each time you want to feed the meter or pick up gum. Also make sure that this bag is not uncomfortable to carry, try to find something with a sling that you can throw across your shoulder or something with thick handles so they don't hurt your arm when you carry it.
3. The Messenger Bag / Satchel:
These are not the same. Messenger bags are made of materials other than leather and while the strap on this is adjustable to fit snugly the satchel hangs loosely around the waist. I have been unable to pick a favourite so I have both. but i would suggest that you pick one if your style demands it. i think it is something very sexy and understated yet can be made immensely trendy if chosen carefully.
4. The wallet bag:
You know those days where you don't feel like carrying around your huge bag or when you don't think it would be comfortable, this bag is a huge save. Especially if you are the kind of girl who doesn't like to put things in your pocket. It is the size of your wallet but only a little bigger so it can hold a key, lipstick, money and id. it is perfect for going to the park or to the movies or even clubbing. Just make sure it had a little handle which can be hung around your wrist. I would suggest one for everyday and a stylish one for parties.
5. The weekend / Overnight bag:
We all know what this is for. but rather than carrying a boring bag this can be made into something stylish. I would suggest two bags, one for where you need to be stylish (sleepovers with friends) and one for where the bag can get a little dirty (road trip or camping).
6. Trendy Bag:
This is the bag which you would have to get to stay up to date with the trends. The colours of the season, the style of the season etc can be flaunted in this bag. I don't like spending money on something that is fashionable today but can go out of style one season from now but if you do that then hey, well and good. I would suggest that you pick something more remixable. That can be used a long time after the style has gone and not look tacky.
7. The beach bag:
The beach bag is the bag that gets muddy. messy, wet and sticky. it has to be washable and the insides have to be waterproof so as to protect whatever is inside. I wouldn't give much say on colours because that is your choice but i would suggest something that is bright and at the same time something that stains wouldn't show on, especially if you have kids or are as clumsy as me.
That's all i can come up with now. I will post more if i can find more. Hope you liked this article, if you did please do comment and follow.
Vasundhra Chiyertra

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