Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My blackberry - painted

So for the longest time  was searching for a site in India that sells awesome blackberry panels, i did find one site but since my model is brand new, the 9360, it wasn’t available. So i gave up hope and painted it. Here it is.

I just drew what i wanted with a sketch after painting the case white. Remove the case first of course. Then start painting away(acrylic paints).

After it dries give it a good thick coat of varnish. let it air dry and then put it back on.




Sunday, October 23, 2011

Casual Shopping in red - OOTD



  • Fragrance of the day : Davidoff – cool water
  • Shoes : Westside, Tee – Globus (i think, not sure)
  • Jeans : Splash fashions
  • Handbag : my usual, Baggit
  • Sunglasses : Push and shove



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tiny nooks



Little touches of decor.

What I’ve done: First, I had these old plastic ice cream cups. I didn’t want to use them because honestly, they were ugly as hell. But what I did like were these costa cups. I love them, they look pretty good. But they’re cardboard and will get damaged easily. Surprise surprise, the ice cream cups fir these cups exactly. so I glued these costa cups on the ice cream cup and the covered it with a coat of varnish to protect it.

Above are my favourite scented candles, dark brown one – mocha flavour. The one below, lavender, the pink one, apple cinnamon, the two shiny ones, vanilla and the one in the centre, a whole bunch of herbal oils in one. That relieves my headaches.



Friday, October 21, 2011

Emerald couch


Gotta say, I wasn’t sure when we decided to give up the old couch and go for the new one. Well almost new one. It took a lot of second hand furniture store scouring but we got ourselves this lovely Rosewood darling.

You like?



Monday, October 17, 2011




(Cotton Romper, Linen shrug from lifestyle, Earrings (boutique), Heels from Charles and Keith, Sunglasses from Push and Shove)

Fragrance of the day, Versence by versace.

Forgive me for the mess in my room, the house is going through some alterations and it couldn’t be helped.



Friday, October 7, 2011

Yebhi.com – First impressions

I ordered a necklace, or rather a pendant on a chain from Yebhi on the 26th of last month (26.09.2011). I received this package today, (7.10.2011). So the promise of delivery in 2-3 days is nonsense. My order value was 236.00Rs. And the amount for the shipping and the C.O.D costs 25Rs.

The courier company used by Yebhi was Aramex KAL.

ProductRear634514497274456000 This is what I ordered. The item is now sold out on Yebhi but there are many others from this brand, Pretty Women, available.

The quality of the product was pretty good. The Pendant in particular was very good but the chain is flimsy and seemed like i would break any second. I’m going to have to use a different chain with this. I got the pendant in a bubble wrapped Yebhi box still in it’s wrapper. The care taken to package the product was pretty good and the box will be very useful to store it making sure that there is no damage.



I had no problems with Yebhi except for the fact that they seem to charge extra for the COD or shipping. whichever it is, it is a waste of my time because if ASOS can do free shipping worldwide then definitely Yebhi should be able to ship freely in India. So in that aspect, the discount is not worth it because i ended up paying for shipping anyway.


The time it took for shipping. I wouldn’t depend on Yebhi if i expected to get a gift for a friend at the last minute. It is not going to reach him or her on time and that is going to leave a very sour taste in the mouth. It said shipping in two days and they took 9 days (actually 11 days if you include the weekend) to deliver it. And inspite of the late delivery, the courier guy was rude and very uncouth. Talking loudly and roughly insisting that I pay cash before i take the package or open it. I gave him the cask and sent him off. Granted, this isn’t Yebhi’s fault, but if this is the courier service that they use in my city, i am definitely not going to bother ordering from them just because the guys are rude.


Would I order from Yebhi again? it’s a 50/50 decision. I might make a month ahead orders if I’m giving a gift to someone in some other city. I would not order from them because the shipping cost or COD cost in a deal breaker for me since shoppers stop, Flipkart, landmark etc don’t charge the extra cash. But the twitter rep of Yebhi is excellent and responds very quickly to complaints or queries.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OOTY – Blue Blue with a twist

G’day all.

I thought I’d post an OOTD post today since I hadn’t done one in a long time.

I was heading out for lunch and a movie.

 IMAG1920 IMAG1928 IMAG1922 IMAG1923 IMAG1925

As you can see the pic is taken with my HTC.

I decided to go light on the accessories and keep all the focus on my upper half and the turban.

The top is from NUON, the earrings from Tanishq, The shoes from Lifestyle and the watch and sunglasses from polaroid. The pants are a brand that I don’t really remember. I don’t think it is available anywhere anyway since i’ve had it for almost 5 years. The turban is made from a neck scarf. When i say made i mean tied before i left the house.